Racer Fee


Racer Fee


Fee for each racer. Racer must have membership.

For those of you who’d rather pay by check or cash, here is a paper form.

A seasonal reminder--Your annual ski club dues should be paid by November 1.  All present and future members must fill out an application and pay the fee simultaneously by November's monthly meeting. Jim Baker, the membership chair is always willing to accept membership payments and membership forms at the monthly meeting (from March through November.)

You can pay your dues by going to the membership link on the club’s website.  Then make a choice:  

·         Pay by check after printing out the membership form or

·         Pay by credit card by selecting the type of membership. 

If you are planning to race or participate on an Asheville Ski Club or Crescent Ski Council trip, you must be a current member.  Our club sent part of your membership dues to the Crescent Ski Council which provides some insurance on trips and gives each member access to the many programs and benefits.  

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