Hello Asheville Ski Club Members,

This season is winding down but we're already thinking about next year. Sports America is excited to offer some pretty great perks to both clubs & individuals who choose to promote & purchase both Epic & Ikon Passes. The best deals are happening now! 

Here are the details:

Where do you buy them?

EPIC - book at www.sportsamerica.com/epic-crescent

IKON - book at www.sportsamerica.com/ikon-crescent

How much do they cost?

We will always sell the price for the exact same amount as booking direct. No added credit card fees, no discounts. 

You can choose to add the protection plan (recommended!) when buying from us. 

What are the perks?

Sports America is going to give back 6.5% of the pass revenue to the guests & clubs!


Guests who purchase the passes will get a trip credit of either $50 or $30 depending on which product they purchase. Full Ikon & Epic Pass purchases will receive $50 off their trip. Ikon Base pass, Epic Local/Tahoe/Summit passes will receive $30 off their trip. 

ADDITIONALLY, the CLUB which that guest is affiliated with (will be declared at the time of purchase) will receive the leftover revenue kickback. 

So if a guest buys a full Ikon pass for $949 - that guest will get a $50 trip credit. 6.5% of $949 is $61.68. Deduct the $50 given to the guest, and the club earns $11.68! 

Revenue will be calculated on the PASS price (not including insurance premiums). 

Should a guest buy a pass from us and NOT end up attending a trip organized by Sports America we will issue that guest a credit in the earned amount to Amazon. Guest can not choose an Amazon credit instead of a trip credit. Amazon credits are only applied if they do not travel with us, and will be issued once pass sales close in early December 2019. 

Club Revenue will be issued once pass sales close in early December. 


Ikon has set up a special 'group' promotion for 1st time pass purchasers. Anyone who buys a pass at the above link by April 24th will qualify to get that pass at the same discounted price that guests who are renewing their pass get. It's basically $30 cheaper than the published pass price. 

So, whether you're renewing a pass, or buying for the first time, the BEST deal is to buy before April 24, 2019.